Tue.Jun 21, 2022

Value Stream Management for CIOs: Maturing Technology at the Pace of the Business


The best-performing businesses are customer-obsessed — and it’s paying off. That’s according to research shared by Bobby Cameron, a Vice President and Principal Analyst serving CIOs at Forrester ®.

What Adrian Did Next?—?Part 2?—?Sun Microsystems

Adrian Cockcroft

What Adrian Did Next?—?Part Part 2?—?Sun Sun Microsystems Adrian Cockcroft, Richard McDougall, Allan Packer and Brian Wong. Los Altos CA, mid-1990’s?—?Photo

Notes on: Married to HTTP/3

Tim Kadlec

At #SmashingConf San Francisco , Robin Marx gave a presentation about HTTP/3. Here are my notes. HTTP/3 work started in 2012 with Google working on QUIC, adopted by IETF in 2017, RFC’s published in June 2022. All major browsers support thanks to iOS starting with version 16. What and Why? HTTP/3 builds on top of UDP, not TCP. UDP often blocked as it is frequently used in attacks. The TLS + QUIC layer makes UDP safer to use, but a lot of networks will likely still block for awhile.