Mon.Oct 12, 2020

From Heavy Metal to Irrational Exuberance

ACM Sigarch

The focus of most published research in architecture is on applications implemented in high-performance, “ close-to-the-metal” languages essentially developed before computers got fast.

C++ 84

Column-level SQL Server encryption with SQL Server Always On Availability Groups

SQL Shack

It is the 30th article in the SQL Server Always On Availability Groups series and explores column-level SQL Server encryption with AG groups.

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A Complete Guide on Software Testing


As every aspect of our life is transforming into digital versions, we find ourselves more intrigued by their underlying software’s functioning. Software is controlling everything that is digitized. But how can we ensure that the software involved in controlling so many aspects of our lives are efficient and not full of defects? This is where Software Testing steps in.

The Flow Partner Program: Unlocking the Vast Potential of Value Stream Management (VSM)


If your customers don’t know what’s slowing them down, or why their Agile and DevOps transformations are hitting a wall, then the Flow Partner Program is for you. A leading U.S healthcare leader doubling its feature velocity.

Will A Static Website Generator Make My Site Faster?


We love hearing from customers who successfully increase their website’s performance. Recently, we noticed one website see such a dramatic improvement that we had to ask for more details. The secret?