Tue.Oct 15, 2019

Delta: A Data Synchronization and Enrichment Platform

The Netflix TechBlog

Part I: Overview Andreas Andreakis , Falguni Jhaveri , Ioannis Papapanagiotou , Mark Cho , Poorna Reddy , Tongliang Liu Overview It is a commonly observed pattern for applications to utilize multiple datastores where each is used to serve a specific need such as storing the canonical form of data (MySQL etc.),

The Marvel of Observability


Marvel at this article! You may also like: The Observability Pipeline. “[You’ve] You’ve] been fighting with one arm behind your back. What happens when [you’re] finally set free?” — Paraphrasing Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel.

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“I was told to buy a software or lose my computer: I ignored it.” A study of ransomware

The Morning Paper

“I was told to buy a software or lose my computer. I ignored it”: a study of ransomware Simoiu et al., SOUPS 2019. This is a very easy to digest paper shedding light on the prevalence of ransomware and the characteristics of those most likely to be vulnerable to it.

Why Are Bug Tracking Tools so Important for Testing Teams?


We've got to keep track of these bugs! Identifying bugs is one of the crucial phases in the software development lifecycle. Tracking the bug ensures quality assurance of software as well as eliminates the risk of post-release glitches.

Ten-Ton Widgets

CSS - Tricks

At a recent conference talk (sorry, I forget which one), there was a quick example of poor web performance in the form of a third-party widget. The example showed a site that installed the widget in order add a "email us" button fixed to the bottom right of the viewport.

Two kernel mysteries and the most technical talk I've ever seen

Brendan Gregg

If you start digging into Linux kernel internals, like function disassembly and profiling, you may run into two mysteries of kernel engineering, as I did: 1. What is this "__fentry__" stuff at the start of _every_ kernel function? Profiling? Why doesn't it massively slow down the Linux kernel?

C++ 83

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High Scalability

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