Wed.Nov 18, 2020

What is DevOps? Unpacking the rise of an IT cultural revolution


Dynatrace news. DevOps seeks to accomplish smooth and efficient software creation, delivery, monitoring, and improvement by prioritizing agility and adaptability over rigid, stage-by-stage development.

DevOps 168

Using the Scientific Method To Debug Containerized Applications


Ah yes—“It works fine on my machine!” Perhaps the most famous saying in our industry. Even with the advent of containers that provide consistent environments across the SDLC, we still hear developers fall back to this claim when a defect is found. But in the end, if the code doesn't work in test or production, it doesn't work—even if it works locally.

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Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.206


Dynatrace news. New features and enhancements. Cluster Management Console. Enterprise password complexity rules configuration for internal user accounts. For more information, see Password complexity rules. Hosts exclusion configuration for Internet proxy. For more information, see Can I use a proxy for internet access? Export of license consumption data is now available from the Licensing page. This allows you to gain insights into hourly license usage for each environment.

Digital Testing for Multi-experience Development Apps


Gartner has positioned multi-experience amongst the top technology trends of 2020. So, the question that comes to your mind must be – what is multi-experience? performance testing software testing omnichannel digital testing