Wed.Jan 13, 2021

The New Normal Demands Resilience Engineering


The only way to keep the Dutch at home is by grounding their offspring , as our government has discovered twice over. So, after spending two weeks dreading the end of the holiday season, last week marked the start of the second homeschooling season in a year.

Monitoring-as-code through Dynatrace’s Open-Source Initiative


Dynatrace news. Recently, Dynatrace added OpenTelemetry support to its PurePath 4 technology, which is its fourth and latest generation of automatic and intelligent distributed tracing.


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Auto Split Slow RSpec Test File by Test Examples on GitHub Actions Parallel Jobs


Splitting your CI build jobs between multiple machines running in parallel is a great way to make the process fast, which results in more time for building features. Github Actions allows running parallel jobs easily.

G2 users rate Dynatrace number 1 in observability


Dynatrace news. We are pleased to share, G2 users have just named Dynatrace number 1 in the first-ever Observability Suite Solutions ranking.

Compelling Reasons to Go for Laravel Development Services


If you're looking to develop a website or PHP application, you might be looking for different frameworks and get confused. There are many of them, but the most compelling one is Laravel. Laravel is emerging rapidly and supporting innovative features, consequently, for more efficiency and faster application development. With the help of Laravel Development Service, you can achieve the new high in success by developing the flawless website of the future.

Number series generator challenge solutions – Part 1

SQL Performance

Last month I posted a challenge to create an efficient number series generator. The responses were overwhelming. There were many brilliant ideas and suggestions, with lots of applications well beyond this particular challenge.

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Tips and Tricks for Writing Linux BPF Applications With libbpf


At the beginning of 2020, when I used the BCC tools to analyze our database performance bottlenecks, and pulled the code from the GitHub, I accidentally discovered that there was an additional libbpf-tools directory in the BCC project. I had read an article on BPF portability and another on BCC to libbpf conversion , and I used what I learned to convert my previously submitted bcc-tools to libbpf-tools. I ended up converting nearly 20 tools.

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Catchpoint Buys WebPageTest – How the Acquisition Affects the Webperf Community


In September of 2020, big news was released – Catchpoint would be acquiring WebPageTest. This is obviously very exciting news, but a little uncertainty comes with it. is one of the premier page speed auditing services in the industry.

Enhancing ITIL Incident Management and the Customer Experience: Integrating ServiceNow with Atlassian Jira and Microsoft Azure DevOps


Delivering a premium digital experience is more than just clever features and functionality: it’s about maximizing uptime for end users.