Tue.Oct 20, 2020

Slice and dice all Davis AI-detected incidents with our powerful, new problem feed


Dynatrace news. In order to resolve problems before your customers are affected by them, it’s critical that you instantly see the reasons underlying performance issues.

DevOps 168

Monitor SQL Server Always On Availability groups using extended events

SQL Shack

In this 33rd article of SQL Server Always On Availability Group series, we will use extended events to monitor the availability group. Introduction Database professionals’ primary role is to do proactive monitoring for ensuring system availability.

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Improve your cloud deployments with automated observability into your Azure Deployment Slots


Dynatrace news. As a developer, you often want to deploy different application versions to different environments, for example to differentiate between your production and staging application instances.

Azure 142

A Truly Agile Federal Government Focuses on Flow


“To service citizens well, governments will need to be more integrated. Breaking down silos and seamlessly connecting and streamlining data and process flows are integral to finding new solutions, enhancing security, and creating personalized and engaging citizen experiences.”

Porsche Informatik Hits the Gas on Digital Transformation with Red Hat OpenShift and the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform


Dynatrace news. Certified for Red Hat OpenShift, Dynatrace is now available on the Red Hat Marketplace for customers to try, buy, and deploy, to manage their enterprise applications and infrastructure across their dynamic multi-cloud environments.

Visualizing Layout Shifts

Speed Curve

One of the big challenges with Google's new Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) metric is understanding which elements actually moved on the page, when they moved, and by how much.

Launching the Software Intelligence Podcast


Dynatrace news. As some of you might have seen on LinkedIn, I’ve recently moved back to Australia and spent a couple of weeks in quarantine. However, with time on my hands, I took the opportunity to start putting together a new podcast.

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Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.204


Dynatrace news. New features and enhancements. General. To free disk space, log files related to metric and configuration storage, in addition to Elasticsearch log files, are now automatically deleted after two months. Cluster Management Console. The Cluster nodes overview page now displays Dynatrace version and transaction storage size details for each node. Cluster events that are triggered by Adaptive Load Reduction now include the reason why such events are triggered.

AWS Lambda Pricing: How Much it Costs to Run a Serverless Application?


Read this blog to understand and analyze AWS Lambda pricing. Find out how different it is from EC2 and API Gateway pricing. FIgure out the cost of running a serverless application and what are the potential cost optimization strategies.

What's new in ServiceInsight 2.2

Particular Software

A common problem with most distributed systems is that it’s hard to get a good view of how all the disconnected pieces work together—unless you’re using ServiceInsight.