Thu.Feb 18, 2021

Terminology matters: how to enhance user experience by aligning names with expectations


Dynatrace news. At Dynatrace we always focus on our users and how to solve their problems. We build features that our customers benefit from and use to simplify their work.

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Unique Features of Mobile Testing


Many mobile development and testing teams agree that it’s inaccurate to think of mobile applications as the same software running on a smaller device. Indeed, mobile application testing services differ greatly from any other project type. Here’s how we see the unique traits of mobile software testing. User Expectations. Mobile software is called mobile for a reason: these applications are expected to work on the go, anywhere, and at any time.

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Laravel vs. Symfony: Similarities & Differences of Two PHP Frameworks


When you think of developing a web application with modern features like real-time notifications, or advanced search options, two backend frameworks come to mind- Laravel and Symfony. Both have the ability to offer tools to help create scalable apps. But, if you are confused over which one to pick, here is a comprehensive take on the similarities and differences between Laravel and Symfony.