Fri.Nov 26, 2021

How To Maintain A Large Next.js Application

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How To Maintain A Large Next.js Application. How To Maintain A Large Next.js Application. Nirmalya Ghosh. 2021-11-26T12:30:00+00:00. 2021-11-26T14:19:22+00:00. Maintaining a large application is always a difficult task. It might have outdated dependencies which can cause maintainability issues.

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When is it “Right” to Reach for contain and will-change in CSS?

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I’ve got some blind spots in CSS-related performance things. One example is the will-change property. It’s a good name. You’re telling the browser some particular property (or the scroll-position or content) uh, will , change: el { will-change: opacity; }.el.additional-hard-to-know-state el.additional-hard-to-know-state { opacity: 0; }. But is that important to do? I don’t know. The point, as I understand it, is that it will kick.el

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Top 25 Companies to Watch in Dallas in 2022 Dominating the Technology Industry


Dallas - with its abundance of technical talent, lower costs, fewer regulations, and a great local flavor - has become one of the hottest tech capitals in the USA. We bring you a list of top tech companies in Dallas, making wide strides in various industries with technology and innovation.