Thu.Jan 09, 2020

Compare Software Testing Methodologies for Your Needs


The choice is yours! The choice is yours. You know your product. You know the problem it solves and why it will soon become vital to the working lives of untold numbers of users. What you might not know is how best to test that product so that your development intention becomes a product reality.

Turning Software Delivery Data into IT and Business Intelligence


Turning software delivery data into IT and business intelligence is nothing new; it’s the 21st-century gold rush.

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The Next Generation in Logistics Tracking with Real-Time Digital Twins

ScaleOut Software

Companies with large numbers of geographically distributed assets increasingly need intelligent real-time monitoring to keep operations running smoothly. Consider a retail chain of stores or restaurants with tens of thousands of outlets.

Ten challenges for making automation a ‘team player’ in joint human-agent activity

The Morning Paper

Ten challenges for making automation a ‘team player’ in joint human-agent activity , Klein et al., IEEE Computer Nov/Dec 2004. With thanks to Thomas Depierre for the paper suggestion. Last time out we looked at some of the difficulties inherit in automating control systems. However much we automate, we’re always ultimately dealing with some kind of human/machine collaboraton.

An overview of sp_getapplock and sp_releaseapplock stored procedures

SQL Shack

This article explains about the sp_getapplock and sp_releaselock stored procedures and their usage with example. What is sp_getapplock The stored procedure sp_getapplock puts the lock on the application resource.