Fri.Jun 04, 2021

Dev Tools to the Rescue – Part 1


Whether you are a software developer working on someone else’s projects or you run a business yourself, utilizing the right tools of the trade is essential. The market of software development tools is an ever-changing one and increasingly competitive.

AIOps, observability and a side of Whisky


Dynatrace news. Buzz words are ever omnipresent within technology and, of course, the APM space is no different.


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Dev Tools to the Rescue – Part 2


In my previous article Dev Tools to the Rescue – Part 1 , we looked at some of the best developer tools for software development, project management, continuous delivery/integrity, designing, testing, etc.

Cloud 130

Serverless for Startups: An Evolutionary Way to Build Successful Products


A startup is always looking to improve the user experience through unique features. During the several iterations of a startup app, development and deployments need to be quick.