Wed.Apr 21, 2021

Business Insights extends support for optimizing Core Web Vitals


Dynatrace news. In February 2021, Dynatrace announced full support for Google’s Core Web Vitals metrics , which will help site owners as they start optimizing Core Web Vitals performance for SEO. This is good news if you’ve been tasked with leading a Core Web Vitals SEO project.

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How to Compare Core Dumps for Simple Time Travel Debugging


How can the difference between two Linux core dumps be identified and why would this even come up? This is going to be lengthy, but will hopefully give you your answer to both of those questions. The Case for Comparing Core Dumps.

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Core Web Vitals: Practical metrics for optimal user experiences


Dynatrace news. User experience now defines website success. Ben Rushlo, Dynatrace Vice President of DEM Services, puts it this way: “As performance degrades, user experience degrades, engagement degrades, and business outcomes degrade.” ” The solution?

Hidden secrets of SQL Server Foreign Keys

SQL Shack

This article will describe the effect of SQL Server foreign keys on query plans which are created by the query optimizer. Introduction Foreign keys are used to enforce the referential integrity between the data of the two tables and are frequently used in relational database designs.

Bootstrap vs Vue: Which Framework Would Win the Tug of War?


The modern website and application interfaces are constantly changing to offer the best user experience. However, modern application interfaces demand modern development tools.