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Tue.Apr 20, 2021

How to drop tables for HammerDB TPC-C on SQL Server


From the SQL Window of SQL*Server. DISTRICT] DROP … The post How to drop tables for HammerDB TPC-C on SQL Server appeared first on n0derunner. SQL Server Workloads & Benchmarks hammerDB sqlserver tpc-cIssue these commands to drop the tables and procedures created by HammerDB. This will allow you (for instance) to re-create the database, or create a new database with more warehouses (larger size) while retaining the same name/DB layout. USE [TPCC] DROP TABLE [dbo].

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How Parallel Plans Start Up – Part 3

SQL Performance

This is the third in a five-part series taking a deep dive into the way SQL Server row mode parallel plans start executing. SQL Server could have been designed to start all the extra parallel bits all at once.

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New Product Release: Tasktop Hub 21.2 – Design Facelift, Enhanced Support for Jira, GitLab, BMC Remedy


If you’re running on MS SQL Server, managing very large Collections, or synchronizing containers — expect to see a significant performance improvement in Tasktop Hub 21.2. . The latest product release from the Tasktop Value Stream Management (VSM) platform —Tasktop Hub 21.2—is is out today.