Mon.Sep 14, 2020

Moving HPC to the Cloud: A Guide for 2020

High Scalability

This is a guest post by Limor Maayan-Wainstein , a senior technical writer with 10 years of experience writing about cybersecurity, big data, cloud computing, web development, and more. High performance computing (HPC) enables you to solve complex problems which cannot be solved by regular computing.

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content-visibility: the new CSS property that boosts your rendering performance

CSS - Tricks

Una Kravets and Vladimir Levin: […] you can use another CSS property called content-visibility to apply the needed containment automatically. content-visibility ensures that you get the largest performance gains the browser can provide with minimal effort from you as a developer.

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Testing PowerShell Code With Pester — Octopus Deploy


When you're working with any code, whether it's automation or software code, it should be treated the same way. After-all, functions are still functions and variables are still variables.

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Reinventing virtualization with the AWS Nitro System

All Things Distributed

Running a business at the scale of Amazon, we often have to solve problems that no other company has faced before. The disadvantage of this is that there is no “how to” guide for us—a lot is unknown.

Better Tests Names Using JUnit's Display Name Generators


Writing unit tests can be challenging, but there is one thing that can get you on the right track — the test name. If you manage to give your test a good name — you will write a good test. tutorial performance junit problems display name test names

Manticore search: a continuation of the Sphinx search engine

SQL Shack

In this article, we will be talking about Manticore Search, which is an open-source search engine first released in 2017 as a fork of the Sphinx search engine.

How It Works: Bulk Insert (BCP.exe) – Injecting a Sort Operation

SQL Server According to Bob

How It Works: Bulk Insert (BCP.exe) ​​ – Injecting a Sort Operation I ran across an interesting issue this week related to the use of Bulk Insert/BCP and sorting. The customer reported that they could not BCP into a table using “keepidentity” and after more debugging I found that “keepidentity” was not the ​​ issue but ​​ the issue ​​ was the addition of a ​​ clustered ​​ index.