Wed.Sep 09, 2020

Why Selenium Grid Is Ideal For Automated Browser Testing?


Manual cross-browser testing is neither efficient nor scalable as it will take ages to test on all permutations and combinations of browsers, operating systems, and their versions. Like every developer, I have also gone through that ‘I can do it all phase’.

Fundamentals of table expressions, Part 6 – Recursive CTEs

SQL Performance

This article is the sixth part in a series about table expressions. Last month in Part 5 I covered the logical treatment of nonrecursive CTEs. This month I cover the logical treatment of recursive CTEs.

C++ 103

How Do I Build A Culture of Quality Excellence?


How Do You Build A Culture of Quality Excellence? Greg Sypolt , VP of Quality Assurance at EverFi , led an hour-long webinar for Applitools titled " Building A Culture of Quality Excellence — Understanding the Quality Maturity Rubric." " Let's review his key points and his core slides.