2019 Database Trends – SQL vs. NoSQL, Top Databases, Single vs. Multiple Database Use


Wondering which databases are trending in 2019? Get the latest insights on MySQL , MongoDB , PostgreSQL , Redis , and many others to see which database management systems are most favored this year. SQL Databases. NoSQL Databases. NoSQL Database Use: 39.52%.

How to Setup a WordPress MySQL Database in the Cloud


MySQL is a free open source relational database management system that is leveraged across a majority of WordPress sites, and allows you to query your data such as posts, pages, images, user profiles, and more. As any WordPress developer knows, each installation requires a database in the backend, and MySQL is the database of choice for storing and retrieving your WordPress data. Unlimited Databases. You can also learn more in our MySQL Firewalls documentation.

Connecting MongoDB to Ruby with Self-Signed Certificates for SSL


In this blog, we’ll show you how to connect to a MongoDB server configured with self-signed certificates for SSL using both the Ruby MongoDB driver and the popular Object-Document-Mapper (ODM) mongoid. The connection options available for the driver are documented here , and the options we will need are: :ssl. We will use a yaml file to provide configuration to mongoid, and the details of such a config file are documented here. The user's database roles.

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PyMongo Tutorial: Testing MongoDB Failover in Your Python App


It comes as no surprise that Python developers commonly leverage MongoDB hosting , the most popular NoSQL database , for their deployments due to its flexible nature and lack of schema requirements. It is a fairly mature driver that supports most of the common operations with the database, and you can check out this tutorial for an introduction to the PyMongo driver. It is also recommended that SSL connections be enabled to encrypt the client-database traffic.

Document Model Support in DynamoDB: Flexibility, Availability, Performance, and Scale.Together at last

All Things Distributed

We are introducing native support for document model like JSON into DynamoDB, the ability to add / remove global secondary indexes, adding more flexible scaling options, and increasing the item size limit to 400KB. Now that we have added support for document object model while delivering consistent fast performance, I think DynamoDB is the logical first choice for any application. These databases trade off complex querying capabilities and consistency for scale and availability.

NoSQL Data Modeling Techniques

Highly Scalable

NoSQL databases are often compared by various non-functional criteria, such as scalability, performance, and consistency. At the same time, NoSQL data modeling is not so well studied and lacks the systematic theory found in relational databases. Document Databases: MongoDB, CouchDB.

PostgreSQL Connection Pooling: Part 1 – Pros & Cons


In that environment, the first PostgreSQL developers decided forking a process for each connection to the database is the safest choice. It would be a shame if your database crashed, after all.

Heap Snapshots–Tracing All Heap Allocations

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This column isn’t documented (the tooltip is just Stack ID) and it does not seem to be have a stable correspond with call stacks across traces so… I don’t understand. Documentation Performance Programming uiforetw xperf heap snapshots memory

A one size fits all database doesn't fit anyone

All Things Distributed

A common question that I get is why do we offer so many database products? To do this, they need to be able to use multiple databases and data models within the same application. Seldom can one database fit the needs of multiple distinct use cases. The days of the one-size-fits-all monolithic database are behind us, and developers are now building highly distributed applications using a multitude of purpose-built databases. Purpose-built databases.

Intro to Redis Cluster Sharding – Advantages, Limitations, Deploying & Client Connections


Refer to the Redis client documentation to ensure the client you use is supported before choosing to deploy Redis Clusters. Only Supports One Database. Unlike standalone databases, Redis Clusters support only one database (database 0), and the SELECT command isn’t allowed.

Amazon DynamoDB ? a Fast and Scalable NoSQL Database.

All Things Distributed

a Fast and Scalable NoSQL Database Service Designed for Internet Scale Applications. Today is a very exciting day as we release Amazon DynamoDB , a fast, highly reliable and cost-effective NoSQL database service designed for internet scale applications. DynamoDB is the result of 15 years of learning in the areas of large scale non-relational databases and cloud services. s Dynamo technology , which was one of the first non-relational databases developed at Amazon.

MySQL Tutorial – Understanding The Seconds Behind Master Value


The value of SBM, as explained in the MySQL documentation , depends on the state of the MySQL slave in general, and the states of MySQL slave SQL_THREAD and IO_THREAD in particular. If you enjoyed this blog post, check out our other popular MySQL database management tutorials to learn more about optimizing your deployments: Calculating InnoDB Buffer Pool Size for your MySQL Server.

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Which is the Best MongoDB GUI? — 2019 Update


In this article, we are going to compare 6 of the top MongoDB Graphical User Interfaces that help developers increase their productivity and manage their database. SQL Import/Export that supports major databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

5 Steps to Accelerate your Cloud Migration with Dynatrace


Database & functional migration. Step 4: Smart Database Migration. Database migration would deserve a blog post on its own as there are so many questions we can answer with Dynatrace data to ensure a successful migration. Which Database to migrate? Dynatrace news.

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Tune Linux Kernel Parameters For PostgreSQL Optimization


For optimum performance, a PostgreSQL database depends on the operating system parameters being defined correctly. Poorly configured OS kernel parameters can cause degradation in database server performance. Let’s now try to add some data into the database.

Monitor and Optimize Slow Queries with PMM and EverSQL – Part 2


As MySQL’s documentation states: “In some cases, MySQL cannot use indexes to resolve the ORDER BY, although it may still use indexes to find the rows that match the WHERE clause.

Introducing the Dynatrace SAP ABAP platform monitoring extension (EAP)


Collected metrics are analyzed in Dynatrace, using the SAP expert community’s established best-practice advice on ABAP platform health indicators, including response time breakdowns of the response times between ABAP-specific application server activities, tasks, and database interaction.

From monitoring to software intelligence for Flask applications


When comparing Django and Flask , developers like to highlight that Django provides an all-inclusive experience for developers: you get an admin panel, database interfaces, ORM, and directory structure for your applications and projects out of the box. Tracing database requests.

SQL Server uses only one NUMA Node with HammerDB


The cause and fix is well documented on this blog. Databases Performance Testing hammerDB sqlserverSome versions of HammerDB (e.g. may induce imbalanced NUMA utilization with SQL Server. This can easily be observed with Resource monitor.

GraphQL Search Indexing

The Netflix TechBlog

Specifically, how our team uses the relationships and schemas defined within GraphQL to automatically build and maintain a search database. Each service could potentially implement its own search database, but then we would still need an aggregator.

Overlooked T-SQL Gems

SQL Performance

The relevance to T-SQL is that sometimes we assume that we know everything there is to know about certain T-SQL features, and don't always bother checking the documentation to see if there's more to them. In my examples I'll use a sample database called TSQLV5.

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Reporting at scale leveraging cross-environment dashboards (EAP)


The first step is to pull the configured dashboard via the GET /dashboards/{id} endpoint to retrieve the dashboard JSON document. Copy/paste the respective tiles from that dashboard’s JSON document to your eventual master environment dashboard. Dynatrace news.

PREVIEW : SentryOne Plan Explorer Extension for Azure Data Studio

SQL Performance

Connecting to SQL Server 2012 or better, or Azure SQL Database. A new top-level document will open (titled Plan Explorer ) including a grid of statements, one row for each plan-generating statement: Statements grid. Official product documentation.

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The new MongoDB support for NServiceBus

Particular Software

As NoSQL databases have gained in popularity, MongoDB has emerged as one of the go-to choices in the field. MongoDB databases provide high availability and scalability, features which are near and dear to our hearts here at Particular, so it was an easy decision to provide a MongoDB package.

Evolution of Netflix Conductor:

The Netflix TechBlog

If you’re new to Conductor, this earlier blogpost and the documentation should help you get started and acclimatized to Conductor. The Netflix Media Database (NMDB) is one such example. For in-depth implementation details of the new additions, please refer the documentation.

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PREVIEW : SentryOne Plan Explorer Extension for Azure Data Studio

SQL Performance

Connecting to SQL Server 2012 or better, or Azure SQL Database. A new top-level document will open (titled Plan Explorer ) including a grid of statements, one row for each plan-generating statement: Statements grid. Official product documentation.

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Headless WordPress: The Ups And Downs Of Creating A Decoupled WordPress

Smashing Magazine

It’s an all-in-one system that is equipped with a working admin interface; it manages database connection, and has a bunch of useful APIs exposed that handle user authentication, routing, and more. For instance, we want to create a documentation endpoint.

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HammerDB Source Code moved to the TPC Council


HammerDB has increased dramatically in popularity and use and has been identified as the industry default for database benchmarking illustrating both the popularity of open source and TPC based benchmarks. Consequently with the wish to engage with the open source database benchmarking community the TPC Council approached HammerDB to collaborate on development and bring together both the communities around the TPC benchmarks and HammerDB.

Top 8 Best Backend Frameworks


They are responsible for the implementation of database systems, ensuring proper communication between various web services, generating backend functionality, and more. Laravel also offers its own database migration system and has a robust ecosystem.

Analyzing "death by a thousand cuts" workloads

SQL Performance

In order to use Query Store and Extended Events, you have to configure them in advance – either enabling Query Store for your database(s), or setting up an XE session and starting it. [ dbid ] ) AS [ Database Name ] , REPLACE ( REPLACE ( LEFT ( t. [

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Thoughts on SQL Server 2019 Editions

SQL Performance

Accelerated Database Recovery is in Standard Edition. Keeping in mind that the documentation is not final, this is a great change for a lot of shops, and it makes sense that such an important security feature should not be a differentiator for the most expensive edition.

Common SQL Server Mishaps

SQL Performance

This article will expand on my previous article and point out how these apply to SQL Server , Azure SQL Database , and Azure SQL Managed Instance. When looking at backups, I check for recovery model and the current history of backups for each database.

What is API Testing, and how best to Test an API?


It will also act as a flag (true/false), on which the Presentation layer or the Database layer will be then updated. A set of data which is to be passed on to a subsequent API, or to the GUI or to the Database. The below components should be included in a API test case document.

Understanding APIs: What They Are and Why They Matter


Takes that request to the database. The widget needs to get that information from the Weather Company, which collects data from millions of endpoints around the globe and stores it in its databases.

SQL Server On Linux: Forced Unit Access (Fua) Internals

SQL Server According to Bob

SQL Server relies on Forced-Unit-Access (Fua) I/O subsystem capabilities to provide data durability, detailed in the following documents: SQL Server 2000 I/O Basic and SQL Server I/O Basics, Chapter 2. Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine Input/Output Requirements. Overview.

23 Useful PHP Tools for the Everyday Web Developer


Thanks to its reliable performance, extensive documentation and dedicated user community, PHP is one of the preferred server-side scripting language of many web developers. It might have more features than you need, but it’s especially helpful if you use MySQL for database management.

Multi-tenancy support in SQL Persistence

Particular Software

One common (but problematic) approach is to store everything in one single database with a discriminator column (like CustomerId ) to separate tenant-specific data. In this mode, the SQL Persistence stores saga and outbox data in the same tenant database so they are also isolated.

Site Speed Metrics Explained – TTFB, Speed Index, Interactive, Load, Complete, and more


Time to First Byte (TTFB), Document Load, Page Complete, Speed Index, Time to Interactive, Number of Resources, and Page Size are all industry-accepted metrics. Document Load. Doc Load, or Document Complete, is a grouping of events that take place visually for the website visitor.

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OneAgent & ActiveGate release notes, version 1.175


Database tracing using Couchbase Node.js Consult the documentation for upgrading to the new OneAgent Operator release. Dynatrace news. OneAgent. Support added for reactor-netty version 0.8. Support for gRPC end-to-end tracing. Node.js. client is now generally available. Support for gRPC end-to-end tracing. General improvements. We’re continuing our investments into OneAgent for AIX.

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SQL Server Instant File Initialization: SetFileValidData (Windows) vs fallocate (Linux)

SQL Server According to Bob

SQL Server Books Online documents Instant File Initialization and the associated security considerations. Note: Carefully reads the SQL Server Books Online documentation related to security considerations.

Davis Diaries: Mainframe error to resolution in minutes!


If you want to learn more check out the documentation on service error detection rules. The incoming request to newBuilding made a couple of SQL Calls to the backend DB2 database. Dynatrace news.

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Testing MySQL 8.0.16 on Skylake with innodb_spin_wait_pause_multiplier


Note that the main developer of HammerDB is Intel employee (#IAMINTEL) however HammerDB is a personal open source project and HammerDB has no optimization whatsoever for a database running on any particular architecture. In the recent MySQL 8.0.16

How Many Warehouses for the HammerDB TPC-C Test?


This is a very typical FAQ and although detailed in the documentation some extra details may help in sizing and configuration. For a really quick answer create a schema with 250-500 warehouses per server CPU socket for more details size as follows. .