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Fit and value: The business case for blockchain


Blockchains have a uniquely tumultuous early history for an enterprise technology—from a mysterious origin story, to a sensational first application in bitcoin, to a swift fall from a particularly frothy hype cycle. Blockchain technology provides the encrypted distributed ledger that made the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin, possible.

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5 industries that demonstrate how blockchains go beyond finance


Although blockchain technology is still in its early days, momentum has been building in the enterprise. While there has been much focus on blockchains in banking and payments, its impact has already extended far beyond finance. Their work could inspire innovations in other spaces with similar characteristics. Health care.


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Top 9 web development trends to expect in 2022


Internet of Things (IoT). Blockchain Technology. Internet of Things (IoT). IoT can be defined as a technology of interconnected devices where human involvement is not required for data transfer. IoT is one of the most vibrant tech trends among current trends in web application development. How does IoT work?

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Software Testing Trends 2021 – What can we expect?


From AI to ML, the shifting technology world is constantly innovating and making significant progress. IoT Test Automation. The Internet of Things is generally referred to as IoT which encompasses computers, cars, houses or some other technological system related. Blockchain Tests. In 2021 what can we expect?

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Expanding the Cloud: Introducing the AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region

All Things Distributed

Market innovators and change agents need a comprehensive infrastructure platform that can reliably scale on-demand. Examples of continuous sensing are found in the managed cloud platform built by Rachio on AWS IoT to enable the secure interaction of its connected devices with cloud applications/other devices.

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