Perhaps Consciousness is Just Human Observability?

Adrian Cockcroft

It’s possible for a human to be unconscious or asleep, without losing intelligence in the process. When we wake up, we’re intelligent again. Back in 1995, after a vacation in Australia, I wrote a monitoring tool for Sun’s Solaris based systems called “virtual_adrian”.

Web Testing Challenges Testers Will Encounter in 2019


And software testing is being forced to be reinvented every day due to the introduction of new technologies like artificial intelligence, virtualization, and predictive analysis.

Why you need Dynatrace on Azure Workloads


Microsoft offers a wide variety of tools to monitor applications deployed within Microsoft Azure, and the Azure Monitor suite includes several integration points into the enterprise applications, including: VM agent – Collects logs and metrics from the guest OS of virtual machines.

Azure 130

A Brief Guide of xPU for AI Accelerators

ACM Sigarch

Dataflow Processing Unit (DPU) is the product of Wave Computing, a Silicon Valley company which is revolutionizing artificial intelligence and deep learning with its dataflow-based solutions.

Improving Customer Service with Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex

All Things Distributed

When we set out to build Amazon Connect, we thought deeply about how artificial intelligence could be applied to improve the customer experience. KRY is helping doctors virtually visit patients and accurately diagnose aliments by applying machine learning to symptoms.

Web Development Trends 2019


Customer Service Chatbots Speaking of which, artificial intelligence has evolved to the point that bots can answer customers’ questions and solve problems more efficiently than humans.

AI for everyone - How companies can benefit from the advance of machine learning

All Things Distributed

In the case of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), this is different. Both concepts are virtually omnipresent and at the top of most buzzword rankings. Many are uncomfortable with the idea that an artificial intelligence exists alongside human intelligence.

The workplace of the future

All Things Distributed

In the first step we might reach this goal by combining the fastest mobility services through a digital platform; in the next, it might be a task fulfilled by Virtual Reality. And artificial intelligence makes it possible to break down tasks in such a way that everyone contributes what he or she can do best. This article titled " Die Arbeitswelt der Zukunft " appeared in German last week in the "Digitalisierung" column of Wirtschaftwoche. The workplace of the future.