Data Mining Problems in Retail

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Retail is one of the most important business domains for data science and data mining applications because of its prolific data and numerous optimization problems such as optimal prices, discounts, recommendations, and stock levels that can be solved using data analysis methods.

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A retailer's guide to web performance

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I’m at this week, having really interesting conversations with online retailers. Making customers happy is the not-so-secret secret to retail success. Here's an overview of the most common performance issues on retail sites, and how you can track them down and fix them.

Observations on the Importance of Cloud-based Analytics

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AWS is enabling innovations in areas such as healthcare, automotive, life sciences, retail, media, energy, robotics that it is mind boggling and humbling. Many of these innovations will have a significant analytics component or may even be completely driven by it.

Challenges Testers Face for Testing SMAC


There is a lot of discussion going currently about SMAC – Social, Mobile, Analytics and the Cloud. It also requires some prediction based on the analytics of real product usage. While keeping such reports in mind, organizations in different business areas like retail, banking, finance, insurance, games, etc. cloud performance analytics mobile testing testers cloud testingAn Intro to SMAC.

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Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For February 8th, 2019

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According to 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise: Data & Analytics, 28% of businesses run analytics on their employee behavior data, roughly the same number that analyze IT infrastructure data. Retail investors have to put their money somewhere. Wake up!

Driving Bandwidth Cost Down for AWS Customers. - All Things.

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For Amazon retail, some of those dimensions are low pricing, large catalog, fast shipping, and convenience. For example, when our retail customers contributed to create larger economies of scale for, we used the savings to lower pricing such that our customers could also benefit. Driving down the cost of Big-Data analytics. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems.

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Google PageSpeed Insights - Scoring 100/100 with WordPress


Take these statistics from Google’s industry benchmarks for mobile page speed : That same guide also goes into detail regarding the page speed, page weight, as well as additional insights on specific industries, such as automotive, technology, and retail.

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Institutional Innovation - I Have a Dream

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Let me start by clarifying that the transformation I’m focused on isn’t the transformation involved in moving from one business to another (let’s say, moving from being a retailer to becoming a clothing manufacturer). Everyone talks about transformation these days, but the term is used so loosely that it’s begun to lose all meaning.

A simple, client-side approach to measuring Speed Index

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In this article, I am going to show you how to get started using the Speed Index library and how you can start collecting this data using Google Analytics. If you aren't familiar with Google Analytics, you can sign up for a free account at

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How to Easily Deploy an IMDG in the Cloud

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They also offer a powerful computing platform for analyzing live data as it changes and generating immediate feedback or “operational intelligence;” for example, see this blog post describing the use of real-time analytics in a retail application.

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Scaling Amazon ElastiCache for Redis with Online Cluster Resizing

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Its support for advanced data structures (for example, lists, sets, and sorted sets) also enables a variety of in-memory use cases such as leaderboards, in-memory analytics, messaging, and more. Whether it is gaming, adtech, travel, or retail—speed wins, it's simple.

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Expanding the AWS Cloud: Introducing the AWS Europe (London) Region

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UK companies are using AWS to innovate across diverse industries, such as energy, manufacturing, medicaments, retail, media, and financial services and the UK is home to some of the world's most forward-thinking businesses.

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How companies can become magnets for digital talent

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Job openings for machine learning scientists, data analytics experts, IT security experts or developers are already difficult to fill, and the demand for this knowledge will increase significantly in the next few years as customers show their demand for digital engagements.

Dutch Enterprises and The Cloud

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Shell leverages AWS for big data analytics to help achieve these goals. According to Chris Zadeh, the CEO of Ohpen, large Dutch banks are already moving their entire retail banking platforms to the cloud using Ohpen core banking technology running on top of AWS.

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Bringing the Magic of Amazon AI and Alexa to Apps on AWS.

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With this fast and accurate API, retail businesses can respond to their customers online or in store immediately by delivering targeted ads. From the early days of Amazon, Machine learning (ML) has played a critical role in the value we bring to our customers.

Investing in Software Through Experts, Analysis or Discovery

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An equity investor familiar with retail might recognize demographic changes in specific geographic areas (e.g., Either we have people with analytic minds and access to data or we don't. Whether investing in equities or in software, there are three distinct approaches to how we make an investment decision: based on our intuition or experience, based on our analysis of an opportunity, or based on our ability to rapidly discover and respond to market feedback.