August, 2021 – Scaling MySQL & PostgreSQL with Global Caching


Guest post by Ben Hagan from Data-driven applications span a wide breadth of complexity, from simple microservices to real-time event-driven systems under significant load.

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Evolution of search engines architecture - Algolia New Search Architecture Part 1

High Scalability

What would a totally new search engine architecture look like? Who better than Julien Lemoine , Co-founder & CTO of Algolia , to describe what the future of search will look like. This is the first article in a series.


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How To Test for Your Software’s Scalability


As companies develop, they provide services at greater capacities. To achieve new heights, a company needs to improve the quality of the platform behind its success. Several software tests can improve your digital products.

How Voice of the Customer solutions can transform digital experience monitoring


Dynatrace news. The post How Voice of the Customer solutions can transform digital experience monitoring appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Application performance monitoring Digital experience Observability digital experience Digital Experience Monitoring Dynatrace API observability

Continuous Configuration at the Speed of Sound.

All Things Distributed

With truly dynamic configuration the source of application truth lives in an independent configuration management system, and is polled by the consuming application(s

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Towards a Reliable Device Management Platform

The Netflix TechBlog

By Benson Ma , Alok Ahuja Introduction At Netflix, hundreds of different device types, from streaming sticks to smart TVs, are tested every day through automation to ensure that new software releases continue to deliver the quality of the Netflix experience that our customers enjoy.

Bucketizing date and time data

SQL Performance

Bucketizing date and time data involves organizing data in groups representing fixed intervals of time for analytical purposes. Often the input is time series data stored in a table where the rows represent measurements taken at regular time intervals.

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Instrumenting Our Frontend Test Suite (.And Fixing What We Found)


Adding Instrumentation to Jest. Here at Sentry, we like to dogfood our product as much as possible. Sometimes, it results in unusual applications of our product and sometimes these unusual applications pay off in a meaningful way.

How an AIOps platform can shift left–and why it should


Dynatrace news. The post How an AIOps platform can shift left–and why it should appeared first on Dynatrace blog. AIOps DevOps Artificial intelligence cloud automation shift-left

9 Cloud Migration Challenges and Solutions For CTOs in 2021


It is never easy to build a successful cloud migration strategy and ensure that all the bases are covered. However, if you have the right solution, cloud migration can help you reap the benefits of cloud-based services.

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2 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Improve Team Engagement and Get Better Business Results


Organizations often struggle to balance top-down direction vs. team autonomy. Too much top-down directive and teams can quickly feel micromanaged, becoming discouraged and disengaged.

NET 6: Threading Improvements


While numerous libraries exist to abstract away the complexities of asynchronous and concurrent programming, developers still need to drop down to lower thread-handling logic from time to time. Continuing our API changes for.NET 6 series, we look at some new tricks for multi-threading.

HTTP/3 From A To Z: Core Concepts (Part 1)

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HTTP/3 From A To Z: Core Concepts (Part 1). HTTP/3 From A To Z: Core Concepts (Part 1). Robin Marx. 2021-08-09T11:00:00+00:00. 2021-08-09T15:05:19+00:00. You may have read some blog posts or heard conference talks on this topic and think you know the answers.

Grow Professionally as a Backend Developer


We are continuing with our interview series ( previously we had interviewed Diego Ojeda – Android Lead at Apiumhub and Serhii Zabolennyi – the QA Automation engineer at Apiumhub ) and today we have a Backend interview with Javier Gomez – backend developer at Apiumhub.

Dynatrace helps global enterprises build robust and scalable Private Synthetic locations


Dynatrace news. The post Dynatrace helps global enterprises build robust and scalable Private Synthetic locations appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Product news Digital Experience Monitoring Dynatrace version 1.218 OneAgent version 1.217 Synthetic

11 Lessons Learned from The Early Adopters of Cloud Migration


Cloud migrations need elaborate planning and strategizing to reap the benefits of cloud-based resources. However, it is not that easy to strategize a cloud migration without enough experience in the cloud landscape.

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How Uber Achieves Operational Excellence in the Data Quality Experience

Uber Engineering

Uber delivers efficient and reliable transportation across the global marketplace, which is powered by hundreds of services, machine learning models, and tens of thousands of datasets.

Introducing System.Threading.RateLimiting for.NET


While rate limiting is a well-known problem for web servers, there are many other situations where similar capabilities are needed. With the introduction of System.Threading.RateLimiting, developers will be able to add this capability without writing it themselves. By Jonathan Allen.

Useful Figma Plugins And Tools

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Useful Figma Plugins And Tools. Useful Figma Plugins And Tools. Janet John. 2021-08-12T13:30:00+00:00. 2021-08-12T14:41:21+00:00. There are literally thousands of Figma plugins out there. Which ones do you use? How often do you use them?

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My Funny Habit: Code Review for Solo Projects


I have a funny habit. Well, I guess it’s a funny habit. I never thought of it as funny. Then people started pointing it out to me, and asking why I did such a funny thing. devops codereview

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Tackle complex Dynatrace Managed environments with declarative host identifiers that ensure continuity in reporting and alerting


Dynatrace news. The post Tackle complex Dynatrace Managed environments with declarative host identifiers that ensure continuity in reporting and alerting appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Product news dt-managed hosts OneAgent OneAgent version 1.223 What's new


When should automation of cross-browser testing be done?


We all know that if we are developing something that runs on the web using browsers then cross-browser testing needs to be done. There is another variation of cross-browser testing – cross-device testing.

20+ Powerful React libraries you should explore in 2022


Quick Summary : In this article, you may get to understand the powerful React libraries and frameworks that can help you build your apps with excellent UI.

Why Application Lifecycle Management is Needed


Application lifecycle management (ALM) comprises distinct disciplines generally regarded as unrelated to one another. It helps to bring people and processes together. Big companies release. Application Lifecycle Management Test Management ALM ALM Tools

Frustrating Design Patterns: Disabled Buttons

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Frustrating Design Patterns: Disabled Buttons. Frustrating Design Patterns: Disabled Buttons. Vitaly Friedman. 2021-08-05T13:30:00+00:00. 2021-08-05T17:04:11+00:00. Imagine a world in which every button is disabled by default.

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Can We Do Performance Testing by Selenium Web Driver?


There are certain technological combinations that can work wonders for a project, but, on the contrary, there will be scenarios where if the proper strategic analysis is not being done in order to measure the outcome of such combinations, then it can prove to be a real hassle.

What are microservices? An agile architecture for software development


Dynatrace news. 2020 cemented the reality that modern software development practices require rapid, scalable delivery in response to unpredictable conditions.

What are some benefits of doing automation testing on the cloud?


Cloud testing is expected to grow to USD 11 Billion by 2023 , and we are talking about only cloud testing here, not cloud computing. Complex testing scenarios such as cross-browser testing, parallel testing, can be made more effective when done on the cloud.

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High Scalability

Who's Hiring? DevOps Engineer : At Kinsta , we set out to create the best managed hosting platform in the world. If you are an experienced DevOps Engineer who is constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve, we might just be the place for you! As Kinsta’s DevOps Engineer, you will be instrumental in making sure that our infrastructure is always on the bleeding edge of technology, remaining stable and high-performing at all times.

iOS Engine Choice In Depth

Alex Russell

Recent posts here covering the slow pace of WebKit development and ways the mobile browser market has evolved to disrespect user choice have sparked conversations with friends and colleagues.

How To Build Resilient JavaScript UIs

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How To Build Resilient JavaScript UIs. How To Build Resilient JavaScript UIs. Callum Hart. 2021-08-03T11:00:00+00:00. 2021-08-03T15:34:18+00:00. Things on the web can break — the odds are stacked against us.

What are the Significant Advantages of Crowd Tests?


Crowd testing is a growing technique QA (Quality Assurance) test which leverages a dispersed, short-term workforce to test apps effectively and rapidly. The Crowdsourced Test Market is anticipated to register a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 10.7% over the prediction period 2021 - 2026.

Metric Expressions explained


Dynatrace news. The post Metric Expressions explained appeared first on Dynatrace blog. Observability Best Practices Dynatrace Metrics

Persist sampling rate for automatic SQL Server statistics updates

SQL Shack

This article explores Persist sampling rate feature for automatic SQL Server statistics update. Introduction DBA should always focus on the optimal database performance as it is directly related to the application’s performance.

3 benefits of AI in functional testing

TechBeacon Testing

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) allow companies to close the testing gaps and are best applied when they augment people’s expertise and capabilities to process real-time data. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Artificial Intelligence (AI

5 Signs you need to implement Automated web testing


We now live on the internet! DataReportal states that around 4.80 billion of the global population use the internet, as of July 2021. That’s around 61% of the entire world population. From reading the news and booking tickets to buying groceries and meeting people — everything is now online.

Free Open-Source Icons

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Free Open-Source Icons. Free Open-Source Icons. Cosima Mielke. 2021-08-17T07:25:00+00:00. 2021-08-17T09:04:29+00:00. It’s incredible to see people from all across the world putting all their love and lots of hours into something that they then release for free, for everybody to use.