In-Stream Big Data Processing

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It is clear that distributed in-stream data processing has something to do with query processing in distributed relational databases. In a distributed database, division typically is not a part of the query processing itself because data sets are initially distributed among multiple nodes.

2019 PostgreSQL Trends Report: Private vs. Public Cloud, Migrations, Database Combinations & Top Reasons Used


PostgreSQL is an open source relational database system that has soared in popularity over the past 30 years from its active, loyal, and growing community. 2019 PostgreSQL Trends Report: Private vs. Public Cloud, Migrations, Database Combos & Top Reasons Used Click To Tweet.

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Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - An Introduction to Spatial Database Systems

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In 1994 Ralf Güting wrote an overview of the state of the art for a regular databases audience in a special issue on Spatial Database Systems of the VLDB Journal. Storing and querying datasets that contain objects in a geometric space have always required special treatment.

Expanding the Cloud: Enabling Globally Distributed Applications and Disaster Recovery

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and enable you to maintain a nearly up-to-date copy of your master database in a different AWS Region. Amazon RDS offers a monthly uptime percentage SLA of 99.95% per Multi-AZ database instance.

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Expanding the Cloud - Introducing AWS OpsWorks, a Powerful.

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By Werner Vogels on 18 February 2013 11:30 PM. When a new app server instance starts, OpsWorks will use built-in recipes to configure the app server software and deploy your apps, and can also apply your specified recipes to make changes to your database and monitoring infrastructure.

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Exerting Fine Grain Control Over Your Cloud Resources - All Things.

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By Werner Vogels on 07 July 2013 06:30 PM. As customers move increasing amounts of compute and database workloads over to AWS, they have expressed an increased desire for finer grain control over their underlying resources. All Things Distributed.

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Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - Join Processing in Relational.

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Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - Join Processing in Relational Databases. By Werner Vogels on 12 April 2013 04:00 AM. Joins are one of the fundamental relational database query operations. Join Processing in Relational Databases , Priti Mishra and Margaret H.

Expanding the Cloud: More memory, more caching and more performance for your data

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Today, we added two important choices for customers running high performance apps in the cloud: support for Redis in Amazon ElastiCache and a new high memory database instance (db.cr1.8xlarge) for Amazon RDS.

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Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - Practical Applications of.

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By Werner Vogels on 05 April 2013 08:30 AM. At the end of the 80s Ceri and Widom were researching the fundamentals of integrity constraints in databases. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems.

Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - Epidemics - All Things Distributed

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By Werner Vogels on 25 January 2013 06:00 PM. My paper to read this weekend was the Alan Demers seminal paper on epidemic techniques for database replication. Epidemic algorithms for replicated database maintenance. Epidemic algorithms in replicated databases. of Database.

Simplifying Mobile App Data Management with DynamoDB's Fine-Grained Access Control

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We created DynamoDB to make it easy to set up and scale databases so that developers can focus on building great apps without worrying about the muck of managing the database infrastructure.

Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - Principles of Transaction.

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Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - Principles of Transaction-Oriented Database Recovery. By Werner Vogels on 29 March 2013 03:30 PM. A good early paper to start again is the Survey that Härder en Reuter did on Database Recovery in 1983. All Things Distributed.

Expanding the Cloud: Faster, More Flexible Queries with DynamoDB

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By Werner Vogels on 17 April 2013 10:30 AM. database performance and scalability are critical for delivering new services to our 34+ million readers on any device. Database scalability is important for social games, which can attract tens of millions of players soon after launch.

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Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - A Decomposition Storage Model

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Traditionally records in a database were stored as such: the data in a row was stored together for easy and fast retrieval.

Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - U-Net: A User-Level Network Interface

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database replication, fault tolerance protocols) could not benefit from these advances at the network level. Many of you know Thorsten von Eicken as the founder of Rightscale , the company that has helped numerous organizations find their way onto AWS.

DynamoDB for Location Data: Geospatial querying on DynamoDB datasets

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Over the past few years, two important trends that have been disrupting the database industry are mobile applications and big data. These factors have made DynamoDB a compelling database for mobile developers, who happen to be among the biggest adopters of this technology.

DynamoDB One Year Later - All Things Distributed

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By Werner Vogels on 07 March 2013 08:00 PM. Many of our customers have, with the click of a button, created DynamoDB deployments in a matter of minutes that are able to serve trillions of database requests per year. I am often asked: When is it appropriate to use DynamoDB instead of a relational database? We used relational databases when designing the ecommerce platform many years ago. This was the genesis of NoSQL databases like Dynamo at Amazon.

Elastic Beanstalk a la Node - All Things Distributed

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By Werner Vogels on 11 March 2013 04:00 PM. These developers typically use EC2 instances combined with one of our database services to create web services used for data retrievals or to create dynamic mobile interfaces. Elastic Beanstalk seamlessly connects your application to an RDS database, secures your application inside a VPC, and allows you to integrate with any AWS resource using a new mechanism called configuration files. All Things Distributed.

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Speed Matters talk at Auckland Web Dev Nights

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Real User Monitoring (RUM) Pingdom New Relic (also backend, database and server health monitoring) Google Analytics mPulse. Here's the slides from my presentation at the Auckland Web Dev Nights meetup. It's an overview of why front-end performance matter, how to monitor it and the challenges faced when building for an increasingly mobile world. Content. Why speed matters, examples of the impact saving a few seconds of load time has had on revenue and engagement.

Self-Insuring Software Assets

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If regulation changes and we need to capture additional data, if a nightly data import process chokes on a value we hadn't anticipated, if our stored procedures mysteriously fail after a database upgrade, if the latest release of FireFox doesn't like the Javascript generated by one of our helper classes, it's our problem to sort out. When we buy a house, we also buy insurance on the house.

Sector Seven Is Clear

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It's easy to become proficient in a narrow field, such as a specific database or programming language. Many years ago, there was a television ad that showed an intruder being chased through a building by two security guards. The guards chase him from room to room, and ultimately down a long hallway. At the mid-point of the hallway, there's a line painted on the floor and wall. On one side of the line is a large number 7, on the other is the number 8.

The Best Way to Host MongoDB on DigitalOcean


MongoDB is the #3 open source database and the #1 NoSQL database in the world. It’s a cross-platform document-oriented database that uses JSON-like documents with schema, and is leveraged broadly across startup apps up to enterprise-level businesses developing modern apps. While adequate for low-traffic applications, small databases, and dev/test environments, we recommend against leveraging shared clusters for your MongoDB production deployments.

Upcoming Webinar Tuesday, 7/31: Using MySQL for Distributed Database Architectures


Please join Percona’s CEO, Peter Zaitsev as he presents Using MySQL for Distributed Database Architectures on Tuesday, July 31st, 2018 at 7:00 AM PDT (UTC-7) / 10:00 AM EDT (UTC-4). 5000 named Percona to their list in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

PostgreSQL Trends: Most Popular Cloud Providers, Languages, VACUUM, Query Management Strategies & Deployment Types in Enterprise


As this open source database continues to pull new users from expensive commercial database management systems like Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server, organizations are adopting new approaches and evolving their own to maintain the exceptional performance of their SQL deployments. We recently attended the PostgresConf event in San Jose to hear from the most active PostgreSQL user base on their database management strategies.

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Highly Available Redis Clusters with Automated Sharding Launches at ScaleGrid


January 24, 2019 – ScaleGrid , a rising leader in the Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) space, has just announced support for Redis Clusters on their fully managed Redis hosting plans. ScaleGrid is no novice when it comes to deploying and managing complex, sharded clusters in the cloud, as they have provided one of the most powerful sharding tools for their MongoDB hosting solutions since 2013. PALO ALTO, Calif.,

Should You Use ClickHouse as a Main Operational Database?


What if we use ClickHouse (which is a columnar analytical database) as our main datastore? Well, typically, an analytical database is not a replacement for a transactional or key/value datastore. how many messages was send for some time period and how much it cost) and a typical key/value queries like: “return 1 message by the message id” Using a columnar analytical database can be a big challenge here. 2013 ? 2013 ?

Finding Distinct Values Quickly

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I will be using the 50GB Stack Overflow 2013 database , but any large table with a low number of distinct values would do. The Stack Overflow 2013 database comes without nonclustered indexes to minimize download time.

Webinar Tuesday, 8/28: Forking or Branching – Lessons from the MySQL Community


5000 named Percona to their list in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Peter frequently speaks as an expert lecturer at MySQL and related conferences, and regularly posts on the Percona Database Performance Blog.

Data Mining Problems in Retail

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Retail is one of the most important business domains for data science and data mining applications because of its prolific data and numerous optimization problems such as optimal prices, discounts, recommendations, and stock levels that can be solved using data analysis methods.

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AMD EPYC 7002 Series Processors and SQL Server

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Single-Socket Database Servers. This is the first time any server vendor has even bothered to submit a TPC-E result for an AMD-based system since 2013.

Expanding the Cloud – An AWS Region is coming to Hong Kong

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In 2013, AWS opened an office in Hong Kong. Beyond running their web properties and applications, Next Digital also uses Amazon RDS (database), Amazon ElastiCache (caching), and Amazon Redshift (data warehousing).

AWS EC2 Virtualization 2017: Introducing Nitro

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But not all workloads: some are network bound (proxies) and storage bound (databases). ## 5. Xen AWS 2013 Starting in 2013, some EC2 instance types began supporting hardware virtualization for network interfaces: Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV).

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For September 28th, 2018

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MrTonyD : I was writing production code over 30 years ago (C, OS, database). Hey, it's HighScalability time: @danielbryantuk : "A LAMP stack is a good thing. Never inflict a distributed system on yourself unless you have too." mipsytipsy #CloudNativeLondon. Do you like this sort of Stuff?

Transforming enterprise integration with reactive streams

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In addition to that, software is increasingly dependent on other software to provide its functionality, be it WebServices, HTTP APIs, databases, or even external devices such as sensors. HTTP, TCP, FTP, MQTT, JMS), databases (i.e.,

How Improving Website Performance Can Help Save The Planet

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The Green Web Foundation maintains an ever-growing database of web hosts who are either wholly powered by renewable energy or are at least committed to being carbon neutral. In 2013, A List Apart published Sustainable Web Design by James Christie.

Front-End Performance Checklist 2020 [PDF, Apple Pages, MS Word]

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Depending on how much dynamic data you have, you might be able to "outsource" some part of the content to a static site generator , pushing it to a CDN and serving a static version from it, thus avoiding database requests. Front-End Performance Checklist 2020 [PDF, Apple Pages, MS Word].

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